About Us

Dr. David C. McCarus began his Obstetrical and Gynecological practice in 1983. He underwent his Obstetrical and Gynecological training at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Towson Maryland, and attended additional High Risk Obstetrical training at the Johns Hopkins University Hospital. Dr. McCarus transitioned his Obstetrical practice to a Gynecological and Phlebology practice in December 2001. His Gynecological and Phlebological practice are maintained at the Center for Advanced Vein Treatment & Women’s Healthcare.

Throughout the span of his career in Obstetrics and Gynecology, it became very clear that his patients suffered from Venous Disease. Dr. McCarus began the treatment of Varicose Veins in 2000 and became a member of the American College of Phlebology in 2002. A large part of Dr McCarus’ practice involves the comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of Venous Disease in both Men and Women. He also offers many other facial cosmetic services.

Dr. McCarus personally evaluates and treats each and every Male and Female patient that comes to the Center for Advanced Vein Treatment & Women’s Healthcare for treatment. Dr. McCarus is a Board Certified Gynecologists and has enjoyed the addition of Phlebology into his practice, as he offers new cutting edge and innovative medical procedures to treat Venous Disease for his patients, their families, friends, and significant others.